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Past Awards of Excellence
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AAC Awards of Excellence

Aluminati: Past AAC Awards of Excellence winners

The 2012 Awards of Excellence were announced during the Annual Anodizing Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA. The Awards of Excellence acknowledge exemplary contributions by authors and presenters from the previous year's Anodizing Conference. The Council recognized two authors for their outstanding contributions at the 2012 Anodizing Conference in Chicago, Illinois.

Donald I. Johnson Award for Best Presentation
The best presentation award is named for Donald I. Johnson, retired from AaCron Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was one of the founding fathers of the Council. He served as AAC Chairman from 1987 to 1994.

Nanodevices Using Anodized Alumina as Templates

The Donald I. Johnson Award of Excellence for Best Presentation at Aluminum Week 2102 was awarded to Dr. Bethany Stadler, from the University of Minnesota, for her presentation: Nanodevices Using Anodized Alumina as Templates. Beth’s presentation outlined how anodic alumina has been used as nanoporous templates for almost two decades. This review of current nanodevices using templates included magnetic, photonic, and electronic devices. First, magnetoresistive elements for sensors and random access memory (RAM) are composed of magnetic/nonmagnetic layered structures with multi-state resistances that are controlled with external fields or currents. She then discussed how photonic devices include noble metal plasmonic structures for biosensors; the most popular being thiolated gold with size-controlled resonances. Electronic devices include wide-bandgap semiconductors and metals for sensors and solar applications. Dr. Stadler also reviewed how combination applications are also becoming popular, such as nanodevices that are steered magnetically and chemically-tagged to specific cells (eg: cancer) where they can be detected or heated using external magnetic fields or light. With this range of applications, anodized alumina will become an important high-tech commodity in the near future.

Robert L. Kersman Award of Excellence for Best Paper
The Robert L. Kersman Award of Excellence for best paper is named for Robert (Buzz) Kersman of Lorin Industries in Muskegon, Michigan, who was instrumental to the formation of the Council, helping to fund and organize the early meetings.

The Robert L. Kersman Award of Excellence for Best Paper was awarded to Stefan Strasser from Lenzing Technik GmbH for his paper, Cost Reduction in Anodizing Using New Auto Filter. His paper summarized the presentation of a unique and new automatic backwash filter for cost reduction, quality improvement and protecting the environment in the aluminum anodizing process. Stefan discussed how successful installations of the filter in dyeing and seal-bath sections have proven the above mentioned potential.